Roubin Emmanuel | Researcher in geomechanics at Université Grenoble Alpes

Roubin Emmanuel


Maître de conférences at Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA), France.
Affiliated to Laboratoire 3SR (UMR 5521) and IUT 1 GCCD.

Emmanuel Roubin
Sep, 2022
Accreditation to supervise research (HDR). Subject: Measurements and simulations at the mesoscale, application to cementitious materials. hal
Since Sep, 2015
Maître de conférences at Laboratoire 3SR and IUT1 GCCD (UGA, Grenoble).
Oct, 2013 - Jun, 2015
Postdoctoral researcher at CIMNE (UPC, Barcelona Spain) for the project Advanced tools for computational design of engineering materials (ERC, COMP-DES-MAT) with Professor X. Oliver.
Oct, 2013
Doctorate. Subject: Meso-scale FE and morphological modeling of heterogeneous media: applications to cementitious materials. . hal
Sep, 2010 - Oct, 2013
Ph.D. Thesis at LMT Cachan under the supervision of Professor J.-B. Colliat.
Jun, 2010
Master degree of ENS Cachan in Civil Engineering.
Sep, 2006 - Jun, 2010
École Normale Supérieure (ENS Cachan) in Civil Engineering.


Oct, 2021
Rida Grif (Ph.D.) Global/local domain decomposition method applied to reinforced concrete structures.
Supervisors: J.-B. Colliat, P. Gosselet
Sep, 2018 - Sep, 2021
Sep, 2016 - Nov, 2019
Yue Sun (Ph.D.) Finite Element Modeling of the cyclic behavior of concrete: mesoscopic approach.
Supervisors: J.-B. Colliat, J.F. Shao



Articles (25)

2023 (1)
  • [Sun, Roubin, Shao, et. al. 2023] Meso-scale Finite Element modeling of the Fracture Process Zone evolution for concrete Theoretical And Applied Fracture Mechanics doi, hal
2022 (3) 2021 (4) 2020 (2) 2019 (2)
  • [Roubin, Ando, Roux 2019] The colours of concrete as seen by X-rays and neutrons Cement And Concrete Composites doi, hal
  • [Andò, Dijkstra, Roubin, et. al. 2019] A peek into the origin of creep in sand Granular Matter doi, hal
2018 (2)
  • [Stamati, Roubin, Andò, et. al. 2018] Tensile failure of micro-concrete: from mechanical tests to FE meso-model with the help of X-ray tomography Meccanica doi, hal
  • [Stamati, Roubin, Andò, et. al. 2018] Phase segmentation of concrete x-ray tomographic images at meso-scale: Validation with neutron tomography Cement And Concrete Composites doi, hal
2017 (3)
  • [Benkemoun, Roubin, Colliat 2017] FE design for the numerical modelling of failure induced by differential straining in meso-scale concrete: Algorithmic implementation based on operator split method Finite Elements In Analysis And Design doi, hal
  • [Magnier, Roubin, Colliat, et. al. 2017] Methodology of porosity modeling for friction pad: Consequence on squeal Tribology International doi, hal
  • [Oliver, Caicedo, Huespe, et. al. 2017] Reduced order modeling strategies for computational multiscale fracture Computer Methods In Applied Mechanics And Engineering doi, hal
2016 (2) 2015 (4) 2014 (2)

Books (3)

2022 (1)
  • [Sun, Roubin, Colliat, et. al. 2022] Damage and Fracture in Brittle Materials with Enriched Finite Element Method: Numerical Study Handbook Of Damage Mechanics. Nano To Macro Scale For Materials And Structures doi, hal
2021 (1)
  • [Stamati, Roubin, Andò, et. al. 2021] Tensile damage mechanisms of concrete using X-ray in situ experiments and mesoscopic modelling Handbook Of Damage Mechanics : Nano To Macro Scale For Materials And Structures hal
2017 (1)
  • [Hauseux, Roubin, Colliat 2017] The embedded finite element method (E-FEM) for multicracking of quasi-brittle materials Porous Rock Fracture Mechanics With Application To Hydraulic Fracturing, Drilling And Structural Engineering hal

Conferences (17)

2023 (1)
  • [Roubin 2023] Morphological modeling of the microstructure of geo-materials: current limitations of the excursion set theory Stochastic Geometry Days hal
2021 (1)
  • [Roubin 2021] Excursion sets of correlated Random Fields: Application to continuum percolation theory Séminaire probabilités de l'Institut Fourier hal
2019 (4)
  • [Stamati, Roubin, Ando, et. al. 2019] Meso-scale mechanical tests and FE modelling of micro-concrete International Conference on Computational Plasticity. Fundamentals and Applications hal
  • [Ortega Laborin, Stamati, Roubin, et. al. 2019] The embedded finite element method (E-FEM) for 3-D cracking prediction of concrete in the mesoscale: recent works on triaxial loading GeoMech-M2UN workshop on Upscaling for strategic materials hal
  • [Andò, Stamati, Roubin, et. al. 2019] Combined local and discrete DVC technique for the measurement of kinematic fields in matrix-inclusions materials Int. Conf. on Tomography of materials and Structures (ICTMS2019) hal
  • [Roubin, Stamati, Ando, et. al. 2019] FE mesoscopic modelling of a micro-concrete based on x-ray scanmorphologies FraMCoS-X : Fracture Mechanics of Concrete and Concrete Structures hal
2018 (2)
  • [Roubin 2018] Possible links between experimental and numerical analysis: application to cementicious material Séminaires du LaMcube hal
  • [Stamati, Roubin, Andò, et. al. 2018] In-situ x-ray tests for an image-based FE meso-model for cementitious materials Micro to MACRO Mathematical Modelling in Soil Mechanics (μM 2018) hal
2015 (3)
  • [Caicedo, Roubin, Oliver 2015] Continuum multi-scale modeling of fracture in cementicious-like materials CMN2015 hal
  • [Roubin, Caicedo, Hernandez, et. al. 2015] On POD based reduction-order modeling in multi-scale material failure simulation CMN2015 hal
  • [Oliver, Caicedo, Roubin, et. al. 2015] Continuum multi-scale modeling of fracture Euromech 559 hal
2014 (3)
  • [Roubin, Benkemoun, Colliat 2014] Mesoscale finite element modeling of cementitious materials WCCM 11th hal
  • [Caicedo, Oliver, Roubin, et. al. 2014] Continuum multiscal (FE2) modeling of material failure WCCM 11th hal
  • [Oliver, Caicedo, Roubin, et. al. 2014] Multi-scale (FE2) analysis of material failure in cement/aggregate-type composite structures Euro-C hal
2013 (1)
  • [Roubin 2013] Multi-scale simulation of quasi-brittle heterogeneous materials: application to concrete like materials 31èmes Rencontres de l'AUGC hal
2012 (2)
  • [Roubin, Benkemoun, Colliat 2012] Quasi-brittle failure of heterogeneous materials: 3d meso-scale FE models with embedded discontinuities WCCM - 10th hal
  • [Bogdan, Roubin, Colliat, et. al. 2012] Morphological modeling of cement based materials and hydration process Microdurability doi, hal

Manuscripts (2)

2022 (1)
  • [Roubin 2022] Mesures et simulations de matériaux cimentaires à l'échelle mésoscopique 3SR, CNRS, UGA, Grenoble INP hal
2013 (1)
  • [Roubin 2013] Meso-scale FE and morphological modeling of heterogeneous media : applications to cementitious materials LMT, CNRS, UPMC, ENS Cachan hal

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